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Funding Your Quarterly VAT

Many businesses share a common quarterly challenge; keeping HMRC accounts up to date, whilst managing cash reserves in a smart, strategic fashion.

The truth is, there are usually other areas where funds can be better invested, such as seasonal stock purchases, working capital for new contracts or even retention of cash within the business.

“Turnaround times can be as quick as same day from application to pay-out, using electronic documents in many cases”

Business Finance House Can Help…

We offer quarterly facilities that satisfy these two essential requirements – balancing HMRC demands with effective cash management. Simply speaking, we provide 3-month loan options that enable VAT payments to be made on time whilst repayments are structured monthly over the quarter.

Your VAT bills are paid avoiding escalating surcharges and the cash reserved to pay them is free for other uses.

What Are Your Options?

There are many lenders in this space that are happy to look at funding your VAT obligations.

With around 80 lending partners, Business Finance House can provide you with a quick, seamless link to the right option for you. Our experience will find the most appropriate lender saving you time and energy, allowing you to focus on your operations.

Turnaround times can be as quick as same day from application to pay-out, using electronic documents in many cases.

And the Following Quarter?

We will contact you prior to your last facility repayment offering you the options of:

  • Revolving the facility and maintaining the structure
  • Exiting the facility allowing you to pay cash
  • Implementing new strategies for other cash outflows

Historically we have seen companies use this facility all year round which maintains momentum and provides much needed headroom in cash reserves.

But let that be your decision, we can offer flexibility and swift attention when you need us.

To discuss the range of options that are open to you, please call us on 01244 506335 You can also E-Mail

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